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How to Sit Less – Healthy Happy –

Even if you work out, heavy sitting may put you at greater risk of developing or dying of or cancer, per a new study in
Annals of Internal Medicine. “We haven’t cracked the formula for how much light activity versus more traditional exercise we should do,” says study co-author David Alter, MD. “But taking the ‘move more’ mentality more seriously is a good place to start.” read more

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When You Should Be a Bad Patient – Healthy Happy –

Several years ago, I had a pregnant patient who did not seem to grasp the significance of her illnesses (uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes). What she did understand is when she didn’t approve of her care. She complained about everything from our nursing staff to how our fluorescent lighting “made her blood pressure go up.” She was That Patient. read more

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A Smart Guide To Scary Chemicals – Healthy Happy –

“Scientists issue warning over chemicals in carpets, coats, cookware.” “chemicals in pizza boxes may be health risk.”

like these make you want to curl up on the sofa and never leave the house?except that couch! Chances are it’s loaded with , too. As a savvy, (and, OK, slightly worry-prone) woman, how are you supposed to function in a world where everything from the in to your ATM receipt could be poisoning you? read more

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How to Avoid Occupational Health Hazards – Healthy Happy –

Next time you plop down at your desk, consider the ways your office space?where you’ll be spending the next eight-plus hours?might impact your body. “When you think about it, it’s frightening how little we know about how our work environments affect us,” says Carolyn Rickard-Brideau, an architect in Arlington, Va., who studies the link between design and human health. Everything from energy-efficient lighting to open floor plans has the potential to mess with your well-being. Here, leading experts highlight six dangers of the 21st-century office job and pitch their best tips to help you work smarter and feel better at the end of a (very) long day. read more

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Habits of Healthy Women – Healthy Happy –

While we love a lively debate about the latest in dietary science or the hot new , the truth is that great health isn’t so complicated. It all comes down to a few simple rules. Besides , eating fruits and and never smoking (you already knew that, right?), here’s what the healthiest women do every day. read more

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